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Are you communicating with your customers through their preferred channels (WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Telephone, Video, etc.). 

78% of customers interact with customers before purchasing and 29% after receiving the purchase

Conversational AI

Conversa AI

The connected customer

Today's connected customer are comprised of Millennials (Age bracket 23-38 years old) and GenZ (Age bracket - 7-22 years). Millennials communicate and consume data from up to three devices with an attention span of 12 sec. On the other hand, GenZ consumers and communicate data from up to five devices with an attention span of 8 sec. Both of these generational consumers are important to the future of businesses.

Today’s mobile-first connected customer hold brands to a new standard. Agents are under constant pressure to resolve their concerns and meet expectations. Communicating with the connected customer through their preferred channels is essential, but real-time, accurate, and intelligent digital conversations without being treated like a number are even more critical.  

Digital Transformation for the Mobile Workforce

Conversa Informed

Are your field service reps still using paper?

Conversa inFormed will automate paper processes by making use of mobile phones, tablets and PC's to capture data in the field which can then be pushed back to corporate IT systems with the click of a button.

Create apps in minutes to replace your field service paper forms.

We help companies become more efficient by enabling non-technical business users to create and maintain mobile apps that integrate with their existing system.

Visual IVR

Conversa Visual IVR

When your customers connect to your Call Center, is their only option to listen to IVR menu? 

Our modern society is obsessed with our smartphones. Every year we collectively spend more and more time on our pocket supercomputers. That abundance of screen time means customers are used to interacting with their phones visually.

Visual IVR leverages this visual skill to simplify the customer service experience. When customers call a Visual IVR equipped service line, they have the option of receiving high- demand services through a virtual app sent to their phones. They smoothly navigate the visual system like their favorite apps, but when they hang up the call the Visual IVR virtual app disappears. No need for unwanted app downloads or cumbersome voice IVR menus. Instant, intuitive self-service exactly when customers want it.

Omni Channel Customer Conversation Management



Contained Call within IVR is the goal of the IVR system.  But sadly, the majority of calls end up going to an agent where the costs are 4x to 10x higher

Live Chat


The average wait time for live chat is 2 minutes and 40 seconds and agents are known to chat with up to 6 or more customers at the same time.  This is almost the same as a live telephone agent.  As digital channels become more widely used by customers, this will only get worse.



According to reports Chatbot only takes care of about 26.65% of all incoming live chat inquiries alone.

Digital Chat is the growing faster than any other communication channel with nearly 50% of consumers already engage in automated conversations with Chatbots.



62% of companies don’t respond to customer service email and when they do, the average response time is 17 hours

Social Media


The average response time by leading companies to social media conversations is 157 minutes.  The average response time by all companies is 10 hours.

The Solution


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