Why Visual Collector?

Most debt recovery activities are based on antiquated and obtrusive channels such as sending letters, calling repeatedly, home visits, or providing a basic customer portal with no dynamic interaction. Cobranza Visual provides the next generation of debt collection.

The Zappix web-app solution offers self-service engagement 24/7, providing users with account information, settlement offers, and monthly payment alternatives. Intuitive visual menus create an app-like environment without requiring any download.

  • Increase payments by 40% over SMS campaigns
  • 35% of users are late-stage debtors (no other contact in the past 6 months)
  • 22% of users respond over the weekend or during off hours
  • Campaign preferences customizable for each debtor

The Visual Collection Advantage

Cobranza Visual is a cloud-based solution using web-apps. Powered by Zappix we transform the user experience by offering users a visual and interactive solution answering their questions and solving problems quickly and effortlessly.

We leverage our expertise with visual interactivity to provide the most user-friendly repayment journey possible. Breakdown the barriers to repayment for your debtors with the seamless ease of the Cobranza Visual Interactive Collector.


No matter your technical expertise, the intuitive Cobranza Visual Campaign Creator tool helps managers quickly edit and perfect their visual IVR, changing the campaign logo, the layout of the customer screen, the options which are presented, and any other variables.


Filter your database of debtors against certain criteria ranges such as amount in arrears, total credit, time in arrears, language, location, and last settlement offer.

Languages— English and Spanish are available, other languages may be provided


Currencies — Multiple currencies are supported within a single repayment campaign


The customer login credentials are usually country dependent. Some common options are national insurance number, social security number, ID card number, or DNI. DOB and post code / zip code are commonly used as a verifier. We can also support a two step verification process by sending a one-time code via SMS.



We integrate your existing payment gateway using APIs.


Intuitive visual interactions keep a call to your contact center just a tap away at all times.


Debtor can click to chat via WhatsApp linked with your contact center


There is a flow of information between the Visual Interactive Collector, your customer CRM, payment gateway, and customer database. These integrations include


The Visual Interactive Collector is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it the most secure web computing platform offered, sure to meet the ever-increasing compliance standards of clients ranging from banking to insurance. The customer database is held on-site


We provide an active, real-time view of payments organized 

by categories:

  • Paid online
  • Paid in bank
  • Settlement accepted, payment pending
  • Promise to pay