Conversational AI Response - MACHINE LEARNING & NLP


The Mobile First Connected Customer

Omni-Channel Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges when deploying AI is consistency throughout all the communication channels.  Today businesses adapt multiple customer communication channels related to marketing, sales, and service relationships like online chat, messaging apps, social media, email, CRM, or even voice assistants.

The connected customer

Today's connected customer are comprised of Millennials (Age bracket 23-38 years old) and GenZ (Age bracket - 7-22 years). Millennials communicate and consume data from up to three devices with an attention span of 12 sec. On the other hand, GenZ consumers and communicate data from up to five devices with an attention span of 8 sec. Both of these generational consumers are important to the future of businesses.

Today’s mobile-first connected customer hold brands to a new standard. Agents are under constant pressure to resolve their concerns and meet expectations. Communicating with the connected customer through their preferred channels is essential, but real-time, accurate, and intelligent digital conversations without being treated like a number are even more critical.  

What makes us different?

Enhance your customer communications with our Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing patented AI Platform that continuously learn from data without relying on rules-based programming.  Open API’s also allow seamless integration with CRM and backend systems.

Auto-Pilot Mode - End-toEnd automation without human intervention

  • Company Identifies repetitive tickets. E.g. inbound queries such as refunds, order status checks and password resets
  • leverages on machine learning to learn from historical and current service cases
  • Once it reached a 95% confidence threshold, automatically responds to customers on behalf of the agent 

Co-Pilot Mode - Assist agents by suggesting best personalized answers

  • predict the relevant meta-data about the case, identifies sentiment and Intelligently prioritize, classify and route tickets to the most qualified agent.
  • patented algorithms analyses past ticket responses and knowledge content and suggests the best responses to the agent.
  • Agent selects and sends a response directly or with edits  learn from agent responses and improves its knowledge bank.


Automated Ticket Handling handles 

50% - 70% of tickets with no human intervention

Quick Resolutions

Resolution time in seconds

Improve brand Experience

Better service quality with rich, contextual conversations

Increase Agent Productivity

80%of executives believe that 

AI-powered technologies improves worker performance and efficiency

Reduce Cost and efficiency

Conversa.aireduces handling time by 70%. It improves operation efficiency and reduces cost

Powered by Advanced Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning  

Natural Language Processing

Open APIs

Experiência do cliente Omni-Channel - Portugués

Sirva seus clientes no WhatsApp, e-mail, websites, canais sociais e muito mais 

Experiencia del cliente omnicanal - Español

Sirva a sus clientes, en WhatsApp, correo electrónico, sitios web, redes sociales y más.

Omni channel customer experience (English)

Serve your customers, on WhatsApp, email, websites, social networks and more.