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Customer digital conversations from all channels will automatically be routed to our Omnichannel Agent Desktop and distributed to an available agent for immediate response 

  • Agent Dashboard Tools connect live agents to all the information users submitted during  conversation interactions and each menu option they chose.
  • Seamless integration into any CRM & ERP system for comprehensive process automation and use case support.
  • Analytics Reporting Suite accurately tracks & records all aspects of customer behavior and provides actionable insights and alerts and complete reporting capabilities

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The ConversaDesk solution will allow your inbound calling customers to use multiple communications channels. The Conversation Desk solution can include all aspects of the identification and recall remediation process for fast call resolution rates. Outbound tools will allow you to respond through all text channels, calls, emails, social media, websites - confirm receipt and allow recipients to fully self-sense or begin the self-service process.


Suggests better personalized responses

How does it work

  • predicts relevant metadata about the case and intelligently prioritize, classify and route communication to the most qualified agent
  •'s AI algorithm analyzes past communication responses and knowledge content and suggests the best responses to the agent

  • The agent selects and sends a response directly or with edits
    You would learn from the responses of the agents and improve your knowledge bank

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Monthly subscription is based on  number of agents.  Please contact us for a free 30 day trial and pricing details