What is Visual IVR?

Visual IVR is a service utilizing web apps to instantly create an app-like experience for users on smartphones during contact center interactions without the need to download any app. Visual IVR improves customer satisfaction while reducing costs by decreasing calls to live contact center agents.

Our modern society is obsessed with our smartphones. Every year we collectively spend more and more time on our pocket supercomputers. That abundance of screen time means customers are used to interacting with their phones visually.

Visual IVR leverages this visual skill to simplify the customer service experience. When customers call a Visual IVR equipped service line, they have the option of receiving high- demand services through a virtual app sent to their phones. They smoothly navigate the visual system like their favorite apps, but when they hang up the call the Visual IVR virtual app disappears. No need for unwanted app downloads or cumbersome voice IVR menus. Instant, intuitive self-service exactly when customers want it.

Benefits of Visual IVR

Conversation Visual customers are experiencing and impressive ROI. Visual IVR provides digital self-service capabilities that reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, as well as customer loyalty.

The majority of contact center calls are made for the same few reasons, usually with simple, repetitive solutions. These mundane answers waste live agents’ time and create a poor employee working environment. Visual IVR uses Robotic Process Automation to contain calls within the platform, avoiding the need to forward users to live agents.

Reduce the amount of repetitive tasks agents need to handle with Visual IVR, and free them up to handle more complex, value-added requests. Automation and Visual IVR reduce the Average Handling Time per call as well, helping users quickly navigate through menus and solve their own problems without transferring between channels, platforms, or agents.

Visual IVR enhances the customer service experience for users, agents, and enterprises.

Robots Won’t Replace Us: They Will Make Us Faster

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles the mundane, repetitive tasks that make up the majority of customer service calls but bore and frustrate live agents. Alleviating these pesky tasks frees up live agents to focus on more value-added service calls.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is transforming CX and customer care. The ability to automate the repetitive, tedious tasks often occupying personnel in back offices and customer-facing contact centers can provide meaningful benefits:

  • Reduce the need for a cumbersome back office
  • Free up contact center agents to handle high-value, complex service calls
  • Enhance the user journey

How RPA Impacts Customers

RPA enhances customer satisfaction by automating the customer service process. Automation enables self-service capabilities, streamlining and speeding up customer interactions and solving customer problems more effectively. Consumers hate dealing with tiresome customer service calls. 3For the third year in a row, self-service interactions have overtaken all other channels as customers’ preferred service channel, according to Forrester.

RPA and Visual IVR: The Perfect Combination

The Visual IVR and RPA combination creates an incredible ecosystem able to elegantly answer customer questions without the need for live agents. When customers submit forms via these solutions, Visual IVR captures that information and RPA processes it.

When a self-service user selects an option requesting data, RPA bots pull the required information directly from the relevant back-end systems using API connections.

A customer calling a Visual IVR-enabled enterprise simply taps the order status option and is instantly presented with all active orders associated with the phone number they are calling through.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Conversa Visual IVR platforms lower costs for businesses by reducing the number of calls forwarded to live agents and lowering the average handling time per call. The improved service increases customer loyalty by exceeding the expectations consumers feel towards customer service experiences.

Thanks to visual interfaces, innovative automation, and the power of smartphones, Conversa Visual IVR is ushering in a new era for customer care — the Era of the Customer.

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